The Swiss International Asset Management (‘Swiss IAM’)  MBS is for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Sophisticated Investors, Fund Managers and Financial Institutions who are seeking a guaranteed return, for the purposes of a Tier 1 Capital Raise or to fund a Project.

The MBS is operated within the scope of our Swiss regulatory supervision in that Swiss IAM has approval to conduct transaction for the buying and selling of Financial Instruments, including Demand Guarantees and Financial Securities, and this process can be carried out by Swiss IAM at a number of  Custody Banks – the Bank chosen depends on the circumstances of the Client for on-boarding.

 The Swiss IAM MBS allows Investors to place funds in a ring fenced account, which is then placed on an Administration Hold for period of at least One Year and One day – Swiss IAM has authority to instruct the Hold, and to instruct the Bank to create a separate account that allows the MBS to commence.

Minimum Investment, Compliance Documentation and  Investment Returns are Guaranteed to the Client on a Case by Case basis.