The Asset management Code for independent asset managers as members of ARIF

ARIF has issued an asset management code (the “Code”) which has been officially approved by FINMA, and which sets forth the rules of good professional practice for independent asset managers such as Swiss International Asset Management AG.By subscribing to the Code, on a voluntary or compulsory basis, the independent asset manager acquires the status of “qualified investor” within the meaning of the Federal Act on Collective Investments Schemes (CISA). He is then authorised to subscribe to collective investments for the account of his clients (whether under directed or discretionary management).The principal requirements set out by the Code are:

  • respect for the integrity of financial markets
  • guarantee of irreproachable management
  • duty of information on services offered and remuneration
  • conclusion of a written asset management contract
  • guarantee of confidentiality

Any independent asset manager who wishes to adopt the Code must become a member of FINMA or an SRO such as ARIF, including for MLA supervision. ARIF members who, by their activity, have the obligation to submit to rules of conduct in relation to asset management, must adopt those of ARIF, to the exclusion of those of other organisations.